Insping integration with slack will post alert notifications to your slack channel. Insping will trigger alert notifications when you site URL/check went up or down.

Insping won't read/access any messages/information from slack, Insping will just post/write messages to selected channels.

To enable slack integration follow the steps below

  1. Login to Insping account with admin credentials.
  2. Navigate to Insping integrations section by clicking on integrations link on top menu
  3. Go to slack section and click on "Create Slack Alerter" button
  4. Select your organization, interested applications and check states
  5. Click on "Create and Authorize" button
  6. Now you will be redirected to Slack. Select your team and target slack channel then authorize the Insping to post messages
  7. Once you authorize, you will be redirected back to Insping integrations section and see your team and channel information
  8. If authorization status is not authorized or if you want to change slack channel use "re authorize" button